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D.W. Moneypenny

Author of The Chronicles of Mara Lantern, a contemporary fantasy series.

Chaos (The Realmwalker Chronicles #1)

Chaos (The Realmwalker Chronicles #1) - C.M. Fenn Take a little coming of age, mix in a little heart, and spice it up with some kick-butt, then set it in an imaginative dreamscape and you get Chaos (The Realmwalker Chronicles). It’s the compelling story of Addy, a young woman on the verge of graduating from high school, who finds herself in a realm called Chaos while she sleeps. There, she must forge new relationships, embrace her new powers and battle the evil Shades. The story smoothly moves back and forth between Addy’s ordinary life (when she’s awake) to the surreal realm of Chaos (when she’s asleep) where she must learn about her new abilities (and to kick butt). Her transition from ordinary girl to powerful realmwalker is deftly portrayed, showing the full range of emotions that you would expect, everything from doubt to bravado, making it both credible and entertaining. This first installment of The Realmwalker Chronicles effectively sets the stage for more great stories to come.